The Weather become Hotter

Recently, The weather become hotter in my town. I don`t know why exactly this happen, probably that point to Global warming. I felt very uncomfort when I was in my APT comprehensoin room, that room became hotter  and get in to my self even the AC was switch ON..(angek..oi..angek bana ko). But maybe it wasn`t because of the weather unless  because of my Nervousness..^_^.

I am Nervous

Several hot days that follow each other are considered a heat wave. Experts say heat waves often become dangerous when the nighttime temperature does not drop much from the highest daytime temperature. This causes great stress on the human body. I took this note from one of my favorite website and trying to share with all of you guys..

The most common health problem linked to hot weather is heat stress. Usually, it is also the least severe. The causes of heat stress include wearing heavy clothing, physical work or exercise, hot weather and high humidity. Humidity is the amount of water in the air.

If several of these conditions are present at the same time, a person’s body temperature may rise above safe levels. The person loses large amounts of body water and salt in perspiration. Perspiration is one of the body’s defenses against heat. It is how the body releases water to cool the skin.

Experts say water is important for many reasons. Between fifty-five and seventy-five percent of the body is water. Water in blood carries hormones and antibodies through the body. Water in urine carries away waste materials. Water is needed for cooling the body on hot days, and when we are working or exercising. Water carries body heat to the surface of the skin. There, the heat is lost through perspiration.

Health experts say adults should drink about two liters of water a day to replace all the water lost in liquid wastes and perspiration. They say people should drink more than that in hot weather.

Experts say it is important to drink before, during and after exercise. They say we should drink water even before we start to feel like we need something to drink. During hot weather, cool liquids are best. Also, avoid sweet drinks and alcohol.

We need to add that doctors also say it is possible to drink too much water. Some people, for example, do this if they exercise hard during a heat wave. Experts with the Mayo Clinic say drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia. In this condition, the level of sodium in the blood falls too low.

The result is that the amount of water in the body increases. This causes cells to become larger. They also can interfere with mental ability, make muscles weak and cause pain in the head. In a mild case, simply reducing fluids may be all that the person needs. But medical help is necessary if the condition is more severe. Experts have suggestions for runners and others exercising or working hard in hot weather. They say drinking a sports drink with sodium in it can help prevent the condition.

These several simple step that make you feel better are drinking water,stay out of the sun, if possible. Wear loose, lightweight and light colored clothes. Wear a hat or other head covering when in the sun. Eat fewer hot and heavy foods. If possible, cook foods during cooler times of the day  maybe can help you feel better. Drinking water can protect against the health dangers of heat, prevent the health problems linked to heat. They will prevent sickness, help you feel comfort and may even save your life.


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