The Great Molecules..



The Body needs food molecules for something else as well-as a fuel to give the body the energy it needs to keep going..Your body uses energy even when you lie absolutely still..Energy is needed for your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe and your stomatch to gurgle..Hundred f things must go on inseide you all the time to keep you alive..

So we needs molecules to keep alive..

keep you alive

A molecule is the smallest piece of a substance you can possibly have-and that is incredibly small. A bowl of sugar contains hundreds and thousands of tiny pieces of sugar.

A Bowl of sugar

If you broke one of those pieces in half, you`d still have sugar. If it were possible to break it in half, you`d still have sugar. If it were possible to break it in half again and again, it would still be sugar until the finally pieces would be the size of molecules. If you broke apart the molecules, you wouldn`t have sugar any more.





Sugar Molcule







Each grain of sugar contains about molecules. That many grains of sugar would cover twenty four football fields right up to the top of the goal posts.

Molecules are so amazingly small that scientist can`t see them, even with the most powerful microscopes. The only way to learn about them is to study large groups of sugar molecules form into white crystals, dissolve in water and taste sweet. Salt is made of group of water molecules. A substanc made of a group of one sort of molecule is called a chemical.

The Great Molecules

The chemicals called sugar, salt, and water look, feel and taste different because their moleculis are different. As you know that most food is a mixture of different chemicals. As soon as you eat some food, your body begins to sort out the chemicals.


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