Kaizen..Take the Benefits!!!

When I was in Senior Pharmacy School..I didn`t have much time to spending my time with the things that custom for the most of teenager as my age such as shopping, traveling visiting home of my friends or other places that cozy for the hanging out..coz I had to study very hard and I had the examination in order to pass the baseline score from my school. Drop out from the school was the consequences if I didn`t pass the standard..

With the Teachers ^_^

My Senior Pharmacy School Reunion

When that time I was sad to feel this situation, I tought that I lost some of my precious life experience. Since I couldn`t do those activity. But today I don`t think so..you know why???that`s because I got all the adventures when I was in the University..it was fantastic and awesome!!!!! I `ve never been think about it before..That`s why I am writing this note tonight.!!!

In my 25 years old, I did many vacation to many places for many reason. So it was not only holiday but also for the knowledge. I do happy to feel these experiences even from the tiniest part in it. You don`t have to be rich to do many excursion..but you need to be smart..(smart in many things and in positive values!!). You have to managing the time, collecting adequate data, lowing the expanses and try to create opportunity…(I like this part very much ^_^)



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Base on my opinion, the most important thing that you need to improve is “Languages Skill”. You need language to communicate each others to get understanding. It makes our problem become easier. First language that you have to know is English!!why..??you know that`s because English  is an International language for all over the world. . It will be very nice to have more than one language in your head!! Making  you more valuable and creating more chances to get a new adventures!!! So you don`t have to be afraid to study about “languages”???!! English will helping you so much in the future..trust me!!it  will!!

Even my English is not good enough, I am trying to get better actually..making this note is one of my way to get better. And I do excited to have comfortable environment to keep learning English (I have Pharmacy English Club and Japanese Blog). We don`t have limitation to study any subject in this world. Allah gives you time until your last breath in this world. So we need to optimize it as much as we can, isn`t it???

I was surprise when I know that there are two seas have a different taste and different color even they are flowing in the same place!! It`s true..one hundred percent no doubt about it…and the most important is Allah SWT already say it in HIS Surah several thousand years ago!!!


“ He Hath loosed the two seas. They meet”

“There is a barrier between them. They encroach not (one upon the other)”

“which is it, of the favours of your Lord . That you deny??”

Al-Qur`an surah ArRahman 19-21



Fabiayyi Aallaa irobbikuma tukadziban…

Which is it, of the favours of your Lord . That you deny??

Fabiayyi Aallaa irobbikuma tukadziban…

Which is it, of the favours of your Lord . That you deny??

Fabiayyi Aallaa irobbikuma tukadziban

Which is it, of the favours of your Lord . That you deny??

Many times that ALLAH SWT is asking this question..we should praise and grate full for all the favours that HIS gives to us until now on. Let`s try to become Al Insan Kamiil..(as a Perfect Human)!!

Keep LEARNING and keep TRYING…

keep SPIRIT and keep MOVING



By. Nurmila Sari




6 thoughts on “Kaizen..Take the Benefits!!!

  1. Yes, language skills are important, but it does not necessarily have to be English.

    I should like to see more use of Esperamnto for international communication.

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