Wallaki “Suara Alam”

Nick Waller is one of my Best Friend. He was born in Sydney at April 10, 1985. I met him by accident in Andalas University, Padang-West Sumatra, Indonesia. My first impression when i met him is very friendly!! Actually in that time we “Pharmacy English Club” – Andalas University needs Native Speaker in Order to Practice our English..and He became our SAVIOR..o yes He is!!

Nick Waller is a man who brings the music of the heavens for the beautiful people of indonesia. He came on a surf trip to surf the best waves in the world in Bali and the mentawais then he fell in love with the people, culture and suara alam in Indonesia.

Nick has a great passion in learning Indonesia not only the language but also the cultures, religons and habituations. He can speak Bahasa fluently..and many people love him. Most of  Pharmacy English Club members are also love him..We spent some of our time in practicing english and also singing. He has beutifull voices and of course good looking that make many people specially “Girls and Women` stuck with him (he..he..i saw it by my self ^_^)

I`ll show you some of our activity in here PEC Zone and PEC Activities

check it out from the slide below…

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This note is only for the Beginning of WALLAKI story…Just like the Book, so you only look from the cover..you should follow  WALLAKI`s next adventures..take your time to explore Wallaki`s Zone!!

Don`t miss it Guys..Stay tune in this Blog..Oke!!



I dedicate this note for Nick Waller as a Big Appreciation for his time that he had been share with us in PEC Zone ^_^





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