The Follower of The Sun- Bali Flow

Cover of the Album

The Album Wallaki- The Follower of The Sun was produce by Noah Shilkin in Amrgaret river in January 2011, and “Suara Alam” was recorded in Pelabuhan Ratu, West java in August 2010.

This album was release on March 31st, 2011.This album has 1 song ‘Suara Alam’ written in Bahasa Indonesian,you can see it in my last note by clicking here and a second song ‘Bali Flow’ which features the bridge sung in Bahasa also but mixing with Eglish.

Another advantures of Wallaki in Bali Islands. He`s trying to  telling  us about his passon in that island. Bali Flow that took his heart and soul, Bali teaches Wallaki to through his life by loving as a man..the Real Man..:)

Last week Wallaki had a concert in Kafe Dacosta Ala Carte Menu..March 31, 2011 at 7 PM – 10 PM, Bumi Sawunggaling Hotel- Bandung. They said that :

“Wallaki is an Australian musician from Perth, Western Australia who loves to visit Indonesia, learn about the Indonesian culture and write songs in a mix of English and Bahasa Indonesian. Wallaki continues to win fans all over the world and particularly in Indonesia with his diverse and spiritually uplifting music, which reveals the beauty and truth of the spirit of love.”

Unfortunately i can`t be there to see it by my self. But it doesn`t matter coz i got the album :mrgreen:

He start his shows step by step in Indonesia for sure. Next week he will be in Bali for his next concert that behalf there. I think i can`t take it to know how is the appreciation will show up in BALI..!!!


This is the Lyrics of Bali Flow and please enjoy it…


I am Wallaki Traveling with the flow where we
stop nobody knows all the wandering up in
your head you ready now to let it go?
Electric hell Kuta rock city a million reosons to
keep your self pretty back2back ease santai
sleep we`re running now we`ve got time to keep
free wheelin`sunshine stealin spirit free and now
we`ve believe in all the things that took their
time you took a while now i`ll take mine…
Baby baby there`s Bali flow you know it hits
me hard take me down below it only entails
mystery then it`s spittin till your lickin all the colours of the sea
i know you may not understand

but it teaches, me the livinn and the lovin of a man
it`s dictionary of the soul and we`re flickin through the pages as we go
Not so long ago I left my home all on my own
started wandering up in my head i was ready then let it go
be open to the difference Oh the islands took my heart and soul

bak2bak ease a santai sleep we were runnin
then we still got time to keep free wheelin sunshine stealin spirit freein
now we`re believe in all the things that took their time you took a
while now i`ll take mine…

Well kaluar begitu prasaan mu yg tak pernah ingin lupakanmu
aku yg slalu ada disampingmu malam ini detik ini aku berjanji
kau takkan sendiri dan itu pasti…

Coming up…Bali Island..please waiting for The New journey of WALLAKI soon…


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