Lesson from The JourneY

Singapore, February 2011

Merlion in Sentosa Island

Lately i was thinking about my motherland Indonesia..why we are so different with Singapore..

When I got enter the Changi Airport, I felt so happy and cozy..you know why…??Because many Orchid were welcome me with their loveliness, The airport environment were very comfortable in any direction.Maybe we can take some lesson from this tiny country..yes “Tiny” when we compare it in large area of the country, but not with their wisdom!! In many ways I can take several thing from this country…

1. About the Discipline…

2. About the Cleanliness and Hygiene…

3. About hte Effectiveness…

4. Regularity…

5. Urban planning…

Beside all that good side…there`s always bad side..yeah it just the NATURAL LAW in our world..GOD makes it in pairs, woman and man, black and white, big and small, love and hate, bad and good..and so on.. As a moslem i do not like Singapore..coz i couldn`t find the mosque whenever i want to..i still love my country INDONESIA. When the Adzan come I can find mosque easily for ”öinori time”. You no need to worry for your faith freedom. ..But in some of the countries that majority are not moslem, it is quite hard to find comfort place to “Sholat”. Not only about Praying places, Adzan calling are very rare, but also with the “HALAL FOOD”.

Even actually they do admit for Islam as a religion and very appreciate for that beliefe. I think I should learn how to determine for the mecca direction by compass..perhaps some one will tell me soon..^_^ Just in case for my next trip, I wouldn`t have same problem that was trouble me in my previous journey

In Singapore I found one of the mosque for the India Moslem in China Town. In China Town which is  about 15 minutes from Esplanade or Merlion has several  house of worship for Islam, Hindu and also Buddha. I didn`t see the  Church for Christian..maybe somewhere. Otherwise when I was in Malay, I discovered many mosque and I was happy to be there soon after my exhausting trip from Singapore.

At the end of this note, i always dictate to my self that always KAIZEN in every single things that you`ve done in your life. Because there is no “WASTE” in our life..this is for sure^_^


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