NgeBlog Bareng PEC—Pick up your Best day in a Week

Happy to know that “Ngeblog Bareng PEC” is keep going..and I am still able to join in it. Actually I am away from my town for this week..and thanks a lot for the invitation!!

So the topic is “Tell a story about your activity in a day within this week”.

Yes another challenging to express your activity in “a Note”.. Honestly I am not doing “ bloging” recently, it  almost been for 2 mounts. And I just started bloging 2 days before and I did publish the note today..!! The note was publish in my blog with the title “Belajar dan Mengangkat Beban”.

So, let me see which day in my week should I tell you about?? Quite difficult to pick up one day among those in this week. Every day is unforgettable moment, because Every day is your learning process to be a better human being, you shouldn`t forget about it!!
But..since the announcement in PEC FB group was..
“Tell a story about your activity in a day within this week. Pick a day in this week, and choose the most unforgettable moment in that day, or perhaps your entire activity that day (like a diary) and write it down on your blog”
It clearly said that I have no choice except to follow the instruction, isn`t it?? ^_^
I decide that the nomination for the most unforgettable moment  goes to…eng ing eng..“Tuesday, June14-2011”. plok..plok..plok..congratulation !!
The reasons why I pick up this day are :
1.      In that day when I woke up, I felt my body was so lightly !!
 Maybe I got my beautiful sleep and I think entire of my sleep was “RAM” (rapid eyes movement)..ha..ha. RAM is one of the great  bounty from ALLAH SWT for us. In this state we will sleep in really hardly truly deeply comfort. Alhamdulillah…
2.      In that day, all of my works list were done !!
We don`t have to talk about this in detail..”kamawanai”(Japanese word : it means you don`t have to think about this further). In short I can tell you that I did all the work in that day and even all of the postpone job in my “have to do” waiting list..maybe it was the side effect from reason number 1 above. People say that there is a healthy soul in a healthy body.. But it doesn`t indicate that I am not healthy* all this got to be kidding right??!! *_*
3.      My first experience as a student preceptor in hospital and puskesmas!!
Frankly said that I was scare to be a student preceptor. But there is always a first time/hajimete for a thing. I did some preparation, and pumped up my own spirit and said YOU CAN DO IT Ai, YOU CAN DO IT Ai, YOU CAN DO IT Ai..loudly in my mind.
So I went to several PUSKESMAS and hospital in order to meet hospital chairman and to give some explanation for my students, most about  “practical pharmacy”. The Students are doing internship there and it will be continue until next mount. After all I did it well and thanks to the “Darin Zanyar”——— you can be just the what you wanna be—————
4.      at 13.00 WIB, we (me and my friends) went to McD and spent our lunch break there. It was fun since we rarely doing lunch break together.
5.      At 16.00 WIB, We were invited by Bpk Zulhendri (one of the Mayora manager) to join “syukuran” for his new car..ha..ha it is uncommon, isn`t it!! We (9 person) got on the new car then walk through the main road of the town. After that we stopped by in “Ayam Gantung Restaurant”..The menu were very  unique and all the taste are blend in—in a word “DELICIOUS”!! I love this place and additionally it was for f*e** alias G*a*i* hi…hi n_n
 6.      Then we went back to the office and when we arrived at 16.40 WIB, someone informed that my proposal is accepted..!!
I made the seminar proposal in last month soon after I got the invitation. This seminar sent it by ibu Yulia Trisna to my email address. The seminar topic is “Farmakoterapi Berbasis Kompetensi”and it will be held on for 2 days. The Sources of the seminar are :

a.  Prof. Roger Lander, Pharm.D, FASHP, FCCP
McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Samford University, Birmingham,
Alabama, USA
b. Steve Stricker, Pharm.D, MS, BCOP
.McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Samford University, Birmingham,
Alabama, USA
c. Dra. Yulia Trisna, Apt, M.Pharm
Instalasi Farmasi RSCM

materials seminar are :
Monday, June 20-2011
1. Improving Patient’s Outcome through a Quality Pharmaceutical Care

2. Systematic Approach to Pharmaceutical Care

3. Interpreting Physical Examination and Laboratory Data

4. Drug Therapy Management : Chronic Pain

5. Drug Therapy Management : Infectious Disease

Tuesday, Juni21- 2011
1. Parenteral Nutrition (the most interesting for me )
2. Drug Therapy Management : Oncology
3. Drug Therapy Management: Stroke
4. Anticoagulant Therapy
5. Being An Effective Preceptor

The institution will bear all the costs for the seminar , alhamdulillah (kok rasaki ndak kan hilang..he..he..)^_^. Now I am in Cibubur for another training and also blogging with PEC..he..he. Then I will go to Jakarta soon after I publish this note. Can`t wait for tomorrow…really wandering how the seminr will be held.

Looks like this is the last reason why I am choosing “Tuesday” as unforgettable moment…That’s all for today with “NgeBlog Bareng PEC”..


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