My update from Shizuoka

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Hello there,

Again long time not to write my blog. It isn’t easy to become a good writer. You need more time and need idea!! But you can`t blame all those things as alibies. Let me tell you my story, recently I am doing my activity as a student in Shizuoka University under Prof. Enoch. Y .Park as a supervisor. He is really great supervisor for me, and enable to manage what he dream about with well. For the detail information about Prof. Park you can click this link.

Since I arrived in Japan, I am facing different environment than before. I have many new friends from different country with their own character. We have 27 members in our laboratory that organize under Faculty of science/ agriculture and Research institute of Green Science and Technology- Shizuoka University.

We spent some of our time in Sunpu-park to enjoy the cherry blossom (Sakura)

We spent some of our time in Sunpu-park to enjoy the cherry blossom (Sakura). It was wonderful and so much fun….またよろしくおねがいします。

I was nervous about what future will waiting for me, but slowly the time gave me the answer. You don`t need to worry for your future, you just have to do the best in the time that you have now!! We even don’t know rather we will get to the future or not!!

I am really feel glad and relieve since my family now stay with me..I know it was hard at the beginning to manage my time between my family and my study, but I am happy. I think that is the most important thing and you can do anything as long as you happy. Just keep going….!!

Briefly I tell you that Japan is a very nice country mainly with the regularity, safety, and the people are so helpful. But I don’t like the weather when autumn and winter, maybe because I am from Indonesia and I think I need more time to get use to with it.

I was confusing at the beginning about my research, since I didn`t have any experience with this kind of area and I don’t have any senior (senpai) as my tutor.  You know what..this laboratory have some rules quite strict such as;

We should come at 8.30 am and go home at 20.30 pm

We have progress report and discussion every 2 weeks

We need to present some paper every Saturday, and

All the activity are being monitored !!

It  seems to be the same with the rules that Prof. Dayar Arbain gave me when I was in Biota Sumatera Laboratory. But this time the level is much more ELEVATE !!..haha..

Apart from those rules I am very grateful that I become this lab member because I need it for my own good. Maybe I can consider it as `THE POWER OF KEPEPET` wkwkwk.. and for this I sceram out loud to my self  がんばれ。。。がんばれ。。。がんばれ Ai!!! Wish me LUCK friends !!

The last one if may I share to you that I am very thankful to Allah ta`ala for anything that happened to me. Alhamdulillahi rabbil a`lamin….


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