Out of Box– English Presentation for Japanese

Shizuoka, October 17 2014– Late post

The sun shine so bright this morning in Shizuoka. We entering autumn season and a little bit cold for me. We started a new semester at October first and many students look so busy in carrying out their activities, including myself.

Since today is October 17 its means already 2 weeks past from October 1. It`s time for us to report our research progress with sensei (sensei refer to our supervisors)!!.

Actually this activity is a very accustom for us, everyone should present their results and discusses about it. No wonder we already get use to with it, but NOT FOR TODAY!!

You know why??

Because our Professor decided that we have to present our report in ENGLISH!!

I know maybe some people thing “what`s so special about it”?? it`s sound just a normal thing for people in speaking English!! But for me, honestly I felt so wonderful!!

When you are in Japan, one of the difficulty that you will find is the language. They have additional letters such as Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. If you want to know more please study by your self…hehe

 I was disappointed since my Japanese friends present in their language. It made me couldn’t fully understand not only about their research reports but also the problem solving of it.

Frankly say that my Japanese language ability isn’t so good, especially about the scientific word. I think I need more time in order to enable me to know it.

So today all the students in my research group present their report in English!! Thank you Park sensei!! You make the right choice and the great decision!!

The video above was taken this morning, his name is Hirofumi Uchiyama. One of the PhD students in our laboratory. Actually he can communicate with many language such as English, Bahasa, Korean and Japanese language (absolutely because he is Japanese..hihi).

Commonly, almost all japanese people during their English presentation just keep saying

ee to… (same meaning with “ee..”)

nan da ke…(“how can I say”)

de` (で)….(“then”)

it was fun, people keep speaking English during their presentation. When this good thing keep going, I am sure our scientific English will be better than before. There is nothing to be afraid of guys, since English is not our mother language!! Let‘s practice our English!!



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