Hello Guys..

Welcome to my Blog.. Hopefully that you will like my blog..

My Name is Nurmila Sari, my friends use to call me Ai, but my japanese friends and my sensei use to call me Aichang.

I was Born in Dumai ang growth up in that town until 12 years old, then i moved to Sei.Penuh Jambi for 2 years.

I spent my junior high school time in Padang until this time in order to learn about Pharmacy. Actually, at the first time I didn`t like this area..because to much energy I needed to understanding this lesson. But then I changed my mind and starting to love this area of study.

I love traveling and watching the movies..I love to learn japanese languange..

I am very happy to have many friends that suppoting me in my daily life..eventhough they are not nearby me..God really Love me..Thank you my Lord..ALLAH gave me everything i Needed..Great Parent, Brother, Sister, Best Friends, and Frinds..

That`s all for a while about my self..if you needed more information about my self, please just let me know..

Nah..silahkan berikan saran dan komentarnya tentang Blog saya..

Thank`s for visiting my page..



10 thoughts on “Home

    • Waalaikumsalam wr wb..

      Yes I am here..
      Arigato untuk kenjungannya Fatel..
      Hmm..mdh2an tlisan2 didlmnya bs manfaat u banyak orang ya..amin..
      Ok insyaAllah..wah blognya byk amat..sangkin bykny tulisannya ya..Hebat bgt..!!

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